Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day two: A Favorite Movie

"The Princess Bride"
It’s quirky, and the romance comes across sarcastic (that’s usually a must for me).

The characters include: a Spaniard (Inigo Montoya), who has dedicated his life to revenge and swordplay; Wesley, who is annoyingly idealistic but knows some cool tricks and has a high tolerance for torture; a giant, who is charming in an almost childish way; and a lovely girl named Buttercup, who is not particularly bright or useful in a pinch.

It also includes cool creatures such as the shrieking eels and R.O.U.S.’s (rodents of unusual size). Plus, there’s the interesting torture equipment that looks archaic enough, but not particularly convincing. Or my favorite character, the ridiculous man who says every “r” like a “w,” something that lent a particular lack of solemnity to the wedding ceremony. I like that Miracle Max randomly starts talking about how perky MLT (mutton, lettuce, and tomato) is. Then there are the other quirks, such as the man with six fingers, the albino with the funny voice, and the use of a wheelbarrow and holocaust cloak.

What the movie lacks in quality and/or reality, I will excuse because it doesn’t seem meant to be taken seriously. The combination of sarcasm, absurd characters, and light-hearted plot make it seriously entertaining to watch on occasion. I do think Wesley quite ugly, but it is irrelevant to the entertainment value.

Favorite quotations:

Fezzik: “Why are you wearing a mask? Were you burned with acid or something?”

Vizzini: “No more rhymes now, I mean it!”
Fezzik: “Anybody want a peanut?”

Inigo: “You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.”
Westley: “You seem a decent fellow…I hate to die.”

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  1. I want to see that movie! :) I've read the book and thought it a fun read.