Friday, June 19, 2009

My Thursday

It all started out normally enough; I got up, ate a light breakfast, and brushed my teeth. Donning my brown skirt and red plaid shoes, I left for a morning dentist appointment. Due to my brilliant planning, I had a knitting project to take up in the waiting room. When I bored of that, I scribbled down a recipe I found in one of the magazines. I read the humour column in a hunting magazine. One lady was painting her nails. Thanks to my conscientious care, my teeth were all well. I left in good spirits, my mini floss and toothpaste in tow.

I spent the afternoon practicing Beethoven, picking strawberries, and doing dishes. By evening, I was putting the finishing touches on my project.

The sky was darkening outside, and I realized that I should feed the cats. Carrying a dish of food, I made my way toward the barn. Before reaching it. I noticed a small creature near the plum trees. I couldn’t see him clearly because of the dim light, but I presumed him to be a cat. I proceeded to whistle softly to him, in the same way I whistle to my cats. At this point, he began to walk. Seeing him closer, I realized that he was shorter than a cat. He walked differently, rather lumping along instead of delicately stepping. He had seemed dark from a distance, but now I could see a white stripe running the length of his little body. My next thought was, I do believe I just whistled at a skunk.

I made my way back inside without fear, because the little fellow seemed friendly enough. Once inside, I located my brother Phillip, and told him that there was a creature outside that looked suspiciously like a skunk. He grabbed his oversized flashlight, and we walked out together. He walked across the yard while I waited near the house. He called softly, “Famous last words: I didn’t think it could spray that far.” I smiled. He came back with the verdict that it was, indeed, a skunk. I skirted around the animal to feed the cats, and when I returned, I could still see him lurking by the clothesline.
And then I watched “Pa and Ma Kettle” while I knitted. The end.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Geeks of Our Culture

I love geeks. Converse All Stars. Dark-rimmed glasses that look like they came straight out of the sixties. I’m a fan.

One of the things that make geeks intrinsically attractive to me is their intelligence. They know that Britain is not England. They can reasonably discuss macroeconomics.

And yet, the geeks of this world, once viewed as awkward idiots, are being put in the spotlight. It turns out that people go for the misfits when they are portrayed as awesome. Because of this, it’s hard to find a geek who isn’t already popular. Is it because people are becoming nicer, or because the general consensus has suddenly made geeks cooler? I’d vote for the latter.

I get this feeling that there are a lot of pseudo-geeks in our midst. They wear the clothes. Maybe they’re quirky. But I am not fooled. They are too popular to be geeks.

It’s just hard to find an unwanted geek in the world to love these days.

Note: the title picture is of the geek in “National Treasure.” I liked him before I found out how infinitely popular he is.


I was inspired to photograph my brother’s incredible rose bush. It blooms in gorgeous shades of purple/pink. Yeah, fuchsia. It had just rained, so there are some raindrops still resting on the petals.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First-ever Contest!! Participants Required!

If you are reading this right now, and you don’t join in the fun, go eat dirt. Just so you know.

Sell yourself!
Well, not literally. Comment, telling what makes you uniquely fabulous. (i.e. “I train Welsh ponies” or “I play double-stops on my Bolivian panpipes”) Please limit all comments to less than 1,000 characters.

And the fun begins!
When the contest is over, I choose my five favorites, and post them as a poll. All readers vote!

But wait, a small parcel is offered as a prize!
I will send the winner a free, hand-knitted fashion scarf! Styles of choice include furry, lacy, sparkly, bright, lusciously soft, ordinary, retro, mohair, wild, exotic, summery, casual, etc. Definite lengths can also be requested.

Many thanks to all participants!

Nobody is required to post about this in order to enter, and you will not receive bonus points for doing so. But if you decide to link to me out of pure nicety, I’ll love you forever!

The Deadline for this, my Prestigious Contest, is July the 5th, 2009

*That picture is the fashion scarf I knitted my sister Bonnie for Christmas. I actually knitted from two different skeins of varying colors at her request.

Why Everyone Should Knit. Even Guys.

I. Knitting is relaxing.
Nothing calms your soul quite like sitting down with a bit of knitting.

II. Knitting can be done while driving, eating, watching TV, and sleeping.
Knitters are known mullti-taskers. They never waste time, because anything useless can be done while knitting.

III. Knitting creates beauty.
Imagine holding a piece of fabric with an elegant array of colors – a piece of fabric that will soon form a wearable item!

IV. Knitting is useful.
You can knit socks, hats, gloves, scarves, arm-warmers, and even the bigger things – like sweaters or dramatic cloaks. And all in smashing, personal style!

V. Knitting promotes the muscular development of the hand.
Activity is good for you. Without argument.

VI. Knitting is fun.
Knitters do it because they love it! It’s a fantastic hobby to take up.

VII. Knitting is creative.
Finding unique patterns, fabrics, and yarns, and discovering new methods or styles to create are all an intrinsic joy to knitters!

VIII. Knitting relieves stress.
When you’ve had a long day, just sit down and ferociously pull loops through loops. It’s therapeutic.

IX. Knitting is nostalgic.
Who in the world hasn’t seen a picture of a grandma with her knitting? Come on, now.

X. Knitting is fulfilling

You can easily create personal, fun gifts for friends!

Now, go find some needles and yarn!

Blowing Dandelions

Here I am blowing dandelions when my brother and I went for a walk together:

And I smell my bunch of wildflowers:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Venus Fly-trap!!

My sweet and wonderful brother bought me a Venus Fly-trap!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with them, they lure, trap, and digest insects! I've been wanting one for a long time. They require only a few bugs a year to survive.

I named her Maggie. Yes, I named my plant. Get over it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little Things of Pleasantry…

Last evening, it was cool and rainy. I sat on our porch swing, sheltered from the rain that was lightly falling around me, thunder rolling softly in the distance. I could see the glow of the little lamps that line our sidewalk…

If you’ve never wrapped up in a wool blanket and relaxed on a porch swing during a thunderstorm…try it sometime.