Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First-ever Contest!! Participants Required!

If you are reading this right now, and you don’t join in the fun, go eat dirt. Just so you know.

Sell yourself!
Well, not literally. Comment, telling what makes you uniquely fabulous. (i.e. “I train Welsh ponies” or “I play double-stops on my Bolivian panpipes”) Please limit all comments to less than 1,000 characters.

And the fun begins!
When the contest is over, I choose my five favorites, and post them as a poll. All readers vote!

But wait, a small parcel is offered as a prize!
I will send the winner a free, hand-knitted fashion scarf! Styles of choice include furry, lacy, sparkly, bright, lusciously soft, ordinary, retro, mohair, wild, exotic, summery, casual, etc. Definite lengths can also be requested.

Many thanks to all participants!

Nobody is required to post about this in order to enter, and you will not receive bonus points for doing so. But if you decide to link to me out of pure nicety, I’ll love you forever!

The Deadline for this, my Prestigious Contest, is July the 5th, 2009

*That picture is the fashion scarf I knitted my sister Bonnie for Christmas. I actually knitted from two different skeins of varying colors at her request.


  1. Okay, here goes :)

    What makes me uniquely fabulous is that I'm a twin. I was born a twin so I suppose it's none of my own doing ;) but still it's unique, right?
    Also, I don't mind being a twin. I don't mind having someone look just like me. :)
    It's a gift from God, after all!
    But as alike as we are, we are also individually unique. We have our differences and do enjoy those differences. Most of the time!

    What also makes me unique is that I can gobble like a turkey. Everyone laughs at me but no-one else can do it like I can! ;)

    Oh yes, and did I mention that I am a photographer (mainly macro at this time.)

    I have almost no musical ability.
    I've never milked a cow.
    And I taught myself to whistle when I was 12.
    Because my twin sister could do it and I couldn't! (around that same time, I also mastered the art of blowing a bubble with gum)

    Yep, I am unique. =P

    So, there you have it

    (note the sarcasm and humor sprinkled through-out)


    Fun contest, Amy! :)


  2. I am the oldest of ten, soon to be eleven awesome kids. It is definitely a unique privilege to be have been placed in the role of big sis to ALL of these sibs!
    I love American Sign Language and my favorite thing to do with it is signing a favorite song (like "Made to Worship" by Chris Tomlin). My dream is to use it in ministry someday.
    I have received a random Facebook note that said "I saw your picture in the group and I thought you looked gorgeous"--and my first reaction was to laugh myself absolutely silly.
    You might say I have a collection of collections. To name a few: squashed pennies, bookmarks, posters, magnets, lotions, and pen pals.
    My favorite chore is laundry.
    I think possibly the most disgusting sandwich I have ever contructed at Subway was a combination of Teriyaki chicken and seafood.
    ...now I'm wondering, are these a unique collection of my random thoughts, or actually something that sells me as uniquely fabulous? ...

  3. I can't say that I am awfully unique or fabulous, actually. Sure, I have my quirks, such as always sticking one foot out of the covers when I sleep (My husband finds this highly amusing, since I always tuck the covers up well around my face.) and I am quite girly in some ways and very much not in others. I love to watch ants, I love to wear sandals, I love clotheslines, and I've always liked doing laundry best of all chores.

    But none of those make me uniquely fabulous. I think you'd have to ask my hubby, and he'd tell you it's because I'm still a girl at heart.

  4. I am uniquely fabulous because…

    My toenails are painted purple right now…
    … and I keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk.

    (Yes, I’m THAT cool.)

    ~ Bon

  5. Here it goes! I'm uniquely fabulous, because, I'm learning the launguge, Aribic! I'm half Palestinian, I LOVE donkeys with a passion, I acually enjoy math! Ummm... I'm a Cristian!!!!!!! I love to watch Boy Meets World! I lived in Saudi Arabia for five years, and I have gone to Morocco, Paris, London, Kenya, Egypt, Italy, Venice... And the rest I can't think of! I hope didn't sound like I'm bragging, but it's true I've been to all those palces. I am the youngest in my family, I don't know if that's that unique! I have Five Guinea Pigs, I used to have nine! :D Well, that was fun! Maasalema!!! (ooooo the tension is killing me!!!

  6. I'm uniquely fabuluos because I'm just a normal girl. And since 'normal' people are rare, I guess in a way I'm uniquely fabulous, right? :D

  7. I'm Dutch, and since I'm the only one being Dutch ánd entering this contest, I'm quite unique! Right? :)
    I even have wooden shoes.
    I've been to the USA (Georgia) in April, and I wish I could go back and stay for at least half a year. Is that unique?
    And oh, I'm a christian. That seems to get more unique by the day, too.

    ~~ www.nadine13.web-log.nl

    (and no, I'm not 13 years old as my blogname suggests)

  8. Hey, victoria! I'm courious to see your blog, if you don't want me to that is a.o.k! You have the same name as me! :D

  9. Now, let's see. I am uniquely fabulous (if I do say so myself) because I love dancing, writing, designing, and reading; my favorite color is green; I love taking walks in the rain; I never use salt or pepper on my food; I really despise olives; I have a lime green parakeet named Kiwi; I love random quizzes and contests such as this one; and I am an easily inspired, usually cheerful, very unique goal-making multi-tasker who is great at planning, great at procrastinating, and dreadful at following through.

    I guess that about sums me up right there!=)

  10. Hey, Amy! Bonnie sent me this way....

    What makes me uniquely fabulous? I've never, ever had coffee. Not even once. Not sure what it tastes like....


  11. Breanalee AngelicaJune 19, 2009 at 10:34 AM

    Well, I learned there was a contest here from Bonnie... she doesn't really know me, so don't expect her to nod and smile when she hears my name. And even if she did know my name, she probably wouldn't smile... hehe. (jking)

    Ok, so what makes me unique, random, strange, or fabolous in any way...

    I LOVE strangers, I will talk to any random stranger anywhere in the context of sharing the gospel. Oh, this makes me unique.
    I am 16, and I will be attending 2 colleges in the fall. I also thrive off of adrenaline rushes, and love to try anything new and exciting. from food, to planning things beyond my possible ability.
    There is no food I don't like or drinks, except COFFEE. (which I can't stand)

    ah, I am unique because while I'll be attending too colleges I will be working 2 intense jobs.

    Another thing that makes me unique is that I love the emergency room.

  12. I am uniquely fabulous because I am muti-talented. I knit, play piano, sing, figure skate, swim, write, teach, bake, and the list goes on.

    I have two chinchillas and two rabbits, I started out with only one (male) chinchilla, but when he gave birth to a baby I had to change his name from Oliver to Olivia. :)

    I'm a learning nut! School is like my favorite thing. Ever. I'm also homeschooled with is pretty awesome.

    I have a strange sense of humor which I got from my Dad it's a bit random and mostly sarcastic.

    I love little kid TV shows as they are usually WAY funnier than shows meant for people my age.

    I'm an avid reader and my parents have long since stopped buying books for me because I will usually finish them on the car ride home from the bookstore.

    I've learned that the best way to clear a room of annoying 12 to 13 year old boys is to start singing Italian Opera. Whenever I open my mouth and opera comes out all of the boys (my brother included) vacate and I am left in peace.

    I haven't seen my best friend in 4 years. In fact, we weren't best friends until a year ago. We wrote for three years, and only after that did we start to become close and realize all that we had in common. I'm currently knitting two dolls. One that looks like me and one that looks like her. I'm keeping the doll that looks like her and I'm sending her the one that looks like me, so we can always be together.

    I sleep with so many stuffed animals, there is almost no room for me in my bed.

    I want to travel the world.

    By the end of the year, I will have a sister from China.

    I love the word "wonky"

    And, most important of all, I'm a child of Jesus Christ which is pretty fabulous that He would love me so much!

    Well, there were a bunch of random facts about me. I guess when they are all meshed together they make me pretty uniquely fabulous in my own special way!

    Fun contest!

    Love and Blessings,

  13. I'm uniquely fabulous because I am me and no one else can take my place in the world, or do the work that the Lord has for me to do!

  14. I am uniquely fabulous because I am me :) and no one can tell Jeremy jokes like I do. :)


  15. I am uniquely fabulous because I love to experiment with new flavors in my cooking. Even if I am making something as boring as a grilled cheese sandwhich, I find a way to make it creative with different toppings and seasonings.

  16. I am unique because I am the only person who did not answer the prompt generically.

  17. Bummer, I'm too late. Mostly I can concur with what other people said about themselves (esp. Cassie). I'm also the fourth of eleven children, my father is a pastor /and/ a chaplain, I do not love animals, though I am a girl I HATE romance in movies and books, I do not like sweet things, I enjoy wearing strange outfits as I have no sense of colour coordination or style, my sister is my best friend, most of my closest friends I corresponded with before ever meeting, I love backing up my sister in debates, I prefer editing other people's writings rather than writing my own, I have yet to talk to a boy within ten years of my age who is not related to me for more than two minutes (with one or two exceptions), I hate wearing pants (soo uncomfortable) but I wear them sometimes to make other people more comfortable around me, I cannot follow written instructions (such as how to play a game or knit). There are more things that make me uniquely me, but nothing out of the ordinary.
    You may completely ignore this comment, I just wrote it for fun. :D Nice contest.

  18. Oh, and I also hate getting a tan, enjoy biting people, I like plucking hairs with my teeth or nails, I have dug out several freckles from my own and other people's arms, and have many times drawn blood from people with my fingernails.