Friday, June 12, 2009


I was inspired to photograph my brother’s incredible rose bush. It blooms in gorgeous shades of purple/pink. Yeah, fuchsia. It had just rained, so there are some raindrops still resting on the petals.


  1. Its Sooooo pretty. we have lots of roses. God has made his creation wonderful .:)

  2. Beautiful! We have 3 main colors of roses at our place; Salmon pink, a reddishpink, and then a fuschia-almost glow-in-the-dark color. Those are SO hard to get a pic of with my PowershotA530. It absolutely cannot be sunny. I've tired every setting on the camera and barely came out with some good ones. I'll have to share them sometime. Oh wait, I guess I can't cause I don't have a blog. But I could share them on my LJ with people. Oh, I know, I'll put them on my photography website! Duh! ;)
    Here's the link to that site;