Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Everyone Should Knit. Even Guys.

I. Knitting is relaxing.
Nothing calms your soul quite like sitting down with a bit of knitting.

II. Knitting can be done while driving, eating, watching TV, and sleeping.
Knitters are known mullti-taskers. They never waste time, because anything useless can be done while knitting.

III. Knitting creates beauty.
Imagine holding a piece of fabric with an elegant array of colors – a piece of fabric that will soon form a wearable item!

IV. Knitting is useful.
You can knit socks, hats, gloves, scarves, arm-warmers, and even the bigger things – like sweaters or dramatic cloaks. And all in smashing, personal style!

V. Knitting promotes the muscular development of the hand.
Activity is good for you. Without argument.

VI. Knitting is fun.
Knitters do it because they love it! It’s a fantastic hobby to take up.

VII. Knitting is creative.
Finding unique patterns, fabrics, and yarns, and discovering new methods or styles to create are all an intrinsic joy to knitters!

VIII. Knitting relieves stress.
When you’ve had a long day, just sit down and ferociously pull loops through loops. It’s therapeutic.

IX. Knitting is nostalgic.
Who in the world hasn’t seen a picture of a grandma with her knitting? Come on, now.

X. Knitting is fulfilling

You can easily create personal, fun gifts for friends!

Now, go find some needles and yarn!


  1. Well, I prefer to crochet =P
    But knitting while driving? Sounds a wee bit dangerous!
    Otherwise, I agree with those points!

  2. Very nice and I totally agree. =)