Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christmas in May

…At least, that’s what yesterday felt like. To begin at the very beginning, I should explain about my tea bag collection.

My oldest sister, Tammy, began a tea bag collection years ago. She traded with other collectors, and acquired a rather large variety, including bags from Germany, Italy, France, Asia, Sri Lanka, Spain, England, Holland, Finland, and various countries. When she moved to Seattle not long ago, she was forced to downsize possessions. Although she hated to part with her collection, she asked me if I would be willing to claim it. She was hoping to find someone who would actually enjoy it. I was thrilled with the prospect of being given this collection. I am gradually adding to it, and the variety is incredible.

Recently, I chatted with her on the phone, and she mentioned that her friend Lin had sent some tea bags for the collection, and they should be arriving soon. Yesterday, I was shocked to receive three large packages…with not only tea bags, but also about 40 boxes of tea and many skeins of beautiful yarn, including wool varieties. (A personal favorite of mine.) For more pictures (and a different perspective), check out my sister’s post.

A close-up of my personal favorite:

To my great joy, a knitting needle case was also enclosed:

And finally, a beautiful sunset, taken recently:


  1. I have never heard of a tea collection... but it sounds delightfuly fun. I LOVE the colors of the close up one... and the pink one in the farther away picture. :)O and the the sunset is amazsing. :) we have lovely sunsets in WA too. But the picture is AMAZING! God has gifted you greatly. :)
    God bless,
    Alaina (

  2. awesomeness!!
    Lin is so generous!
    This is my first time reading your blog and I like it :)