Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are You Music-Obsessed?

Take this little quiz to find out. And no, it doesn’t really mean anything. I just made it up.

I. Which composer was known for paranoia?

a) Brahms
b) Ravel
c) Tchaikovsky
d) Liszt

II. How many sonatas did Beethoven write?

a) 32
b) 73
c) 41
d) 25

III. In what month was J. S. Bach born?

a) February
b) March
c) December
d) July

IV. Which composer attempted suicide?

a) Debussy
b) Grieg
c) Vivaldi
d) Schumann

V. What composer is not Russian?

a) Rebikov
b) Shostakovitch
c) Czerny
d) Rubinstein

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I. c), II. a), III. b), IV. d), V. c)

0 Correct-
You are either not a musician, or have no memory for musical trivia.

1-2 Correct-
You have a minor interest in music.

3-4 Correct-
You are a bit of a music trivia novice.

4-5 Correct-
You may be labeled as “music-obsessed.”

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a musician. :) I took piano for 4 years but I never really got good. :) But God has gifted you with the abitlity to do music. :)