Friday, April 3, 2009

Entertaining Times At Heidelberg

Most of you (or at least, those of you who know me) are aware that I spend an excessive amount of time at Heidelberg, a local liberal arts university. With piano, orchestra, studio class, orchestra sectionals, theory class, and the concerts I attend frquently, I end up being there almost every day.

Today, I went for theory class at 10 AM, and had a piano lesson at 2 PM. My mom was going to be gone for the day, so she asked if I would be able to occupy myself there for three extra hours. Not wishing to inconvenience her, I agreed. I'm rather glad I did agree. To describe briefly the events of my stay:

-I practiced piano for almost two hours
-I ate sesame-honey almonds. They look weird, but I could eat an entire bag of them in one sitting. I also drank Earl Grey tea (cold).
-I played candy-land with Joe, one of my awesome studio class friends. It's actually his own version of candy-land, which includes hand-drawn pictures, Mario mushrooms, and squirrels you can collect. Yeah, Joe's pretty uniquely cool.


  1. How fun!

    Pray tell... what is studio class?

  2. Studio class is a collection of pianists who study with Dr. Pierre or his wife. They play for each other and critique one another. It's actually a college class, but they let us attend. :) Or rather, they want us to attend.