Friday, April 10, 2009


“No, not my visit to Seattle,” I say with regret. My brothers, Phillip and Richard. They recently visited my oldest sister, who lives there. They rode horses, bought antique Shakespeare books, visited an incredible Chinese teashop, and other things of which I am vastly envious. I’m hoping my parents will let me go with them next time.

However, Phillip did pick up a gift for me. (He and my sister split the price.) It is this lovely journal:

And the best part is the secret pocket, as pictured:

P.S. The culinary experiment is coming, but I realized that I don’t really have pictures. So, my culinary experiment, featuring a recipe and no pictures. I’m guessing nobody will try my recipe, because hey, who tries a recipe without a delectable picture? I certainly don’t.


  1. That is too funny...I have that journal too!

  2. Complete with the secret pocket? That's insane! In a cool way, of course. ;)