Friday, February 27, 2009

The Non-Conformist

You might be a non-conformist if…

I. You wear eccentric fashion accessories
II. You gravitate toward people who are atypical and excel at weirdness
III. You can do “un-cool” things like shopping at Goodwill, and not be ashamed of it
IV. You still like silly putty
V. You knit retro clothing items for yourself
VI. You attend classical concerts
VII. You can befriend middle-aged, or even “old” people
VIII. You hang out with a small group of people completely unlike you, and yet completely loveable
IX. You like vanilla ice cream because it sounds exotic
X. As a general rule, you would be considered unpopular
XI. You still get excited about magic towels
XII. You run with scissors just to feel dangerous
XIII. You adore argyle vests
XIV. You are more interested in good friendships than meaningless relationships
XV. You are secure about who you are
XVI. You feel fulfilled in life right now…not when you move up in the world
XVII. You desire friends more for the companionship than the support of your self esteem
XVIII. You can laugh at yourself
XIX. You like things “because you like them,” not because other people do
XX. You can honestly congratulate the success of others and view them as an inspiration rather than a threat


  1. I was reading through, going, "That's me, yes, yes, yes!" Especially the running with scissors and 'gravitating towards people who are atypical'. :-D

  2. X. As a general rule, you would be considered unpopular.

    I knew it was a good thing! IknewitIknewitIknewit!!! :D

  3. XXI. You number your lists with Roman numerals instead of "normal" numbers. :-D

  4. I'm a non-conformist if you're going by that questionnaire!

    Anyway, I've decided to follow your blog. I REALLY like it!

    Love and Blessings!