Thursday, February 5, 2009

Novel Excerpts

I decided to post a few excerpts from the novel I am composing, for anyone who may find it of interest. Thus far, I have two main characters of three different nationalities, several pages of rambling, and no plot. It will likely be almost wholly re-written when I finish the rough version of it. The following are a few excerpts from throughout, in their un-edited form:

"Nicholas Komarov sat at his immense, richly mahogany desk. His office, of sorts, was small. Cramped, really. He enjoyed the control its lack of size seemed to him to allow. Easily accessible and easily viewable. Comfortable, in a way, to his thinking, yet it could hardly be considered pleasant. Stiff wooden furniture, smooth texture immaculately polished, was arranged in an entirely orderly fashion throughout the room. Not a paper out of place, or anything lacking perfect order and specific planning: Intentional. Everything must be Intentional. Bare, colorless walls surrounded this establishment, almost like a collection of furniture in the middle of an empty space."

"Komarov woke groggy and sat up straight. The window looked large and luminous. It was dark outside, and his lamp cast a long glow on it. He could see the streetlights, and heard the faint strains of music coming from the house nearby. He saw the soft glow of cat’s eyes across the street, and then they were gone. He was calm, even peaceful. He knew this scene, didn’t he? He remembered it. A scene similar. He closed his eyes, and saw in his mind the house in which he grew up. He was young once, if a strange child. He remembered waking up and looking out the window of his room. It was a small, square room with dark walls that had seemed to enclose him. He attempted to unearth the memory in all of its clarity, without success, and somehow he knew that it was not a memory that would bring him enjoyment."

"Education had continually been a hobby to her. She found it stimulating, enjoyable, humorous, and essential. Most of her education had not taken place inside a school building. Formal schooling was too…planned. She found that the real world was a much better setting in which to find an inclusive education. She had always assumed that the only way to achieve something worthy of the title “education” was to further it independently. Education formally meant letting someone else think for you, and then inform you of what and how to think. This she abhorred."

"Komarov considered it...what is normal? Dense, very dense. Quite stupid, really. And who wants to be stupid? A lot of people, apparently. Why else are they stupid? They are born that way, as is everyone else. They have, quite obviously, never arrived at any advancement stage. And worst of all, they refuse to think. A few with the slightly reduced stupidity of the lot have the head to realize that no one is thinking. These people then write books or head magazines, or other more prominent businesses. The non-thinkers of the world read these publications. They are full of obscurity on the points that could nullify their statements, but appeal to the emotions of the general population. The non-thinkers, born with emotion, a thing that need be little developed, applaud these publications despite their lunacy. Those who think, but do not wish to appeal to the emotions of the public, state their concerns about the lunacy. These people are then ignored or ostracized. And Komarov knew what they needed. It was something accurate with a general appeal to the emotions, which, whether containing a valid emotional appeal or not, would be effective."

"He could not abolish stupidity, but if he could influence the stupid, why abolish their stupidity? They were more useful to him in their natural state of mind."


  1. I think those are good so far. When you are all done, have your plot and everything, I think I shall have to read it. =]

  2. Even though it does (like you warned) rambles, you have some mad skills.

    Haha anyway, you have serious potential if you ever want to make a career out of this or even just continue it as hobby.

  3. Like your style... (writing style that is). Hope ya finish it one day, 'cause I'll definitely look you up and read the thing! :-)

  4. Hey, I like it! I think you have some potential with that pen and paper...
    I LOVE to write, but I have the same problem as you; nom plot, and too many characters. :-) I just got a plot and characters for a new book I'm writing only about 2 weeks ago, and I'm still working on Chapter 2. I don't have a title for Chapter 2, but Chapter 1 is called "A prayer, the burden, and the adventure." I think it will turn out if I keep working on it. :-)
    keep writing!