Friday, January 30, 2009

Science Hilarities

“No physical object can be accelerated beyond c because its mass would exceed infinity and its length would be less then zero (both of which are obviously impossible).”
“… time runs slightly faster in Boulder, Colorado than it does in Greenwich, England; the difference, amounting to about 5.6 millionths of a second per year, is the result of the slightly stronger gravity at Greenwich, which is about one mile closer to the center of the earth then is Boulder. Likewise, a meter stick is about 18 trillionths of a centimeter shorter in Greenwich than it is in Boulder.”
“Venus orbits the sun once every 225 Earth days. But it takes the planet 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis, making Venus the only planet on which a day is longer then a year.”
“If astronauts were ever to explore Venus, they would have to remain inside a strong protective shelter to keep from being squashed by the weight of the atmosphere pushing down on them from above.”
“The first consequence of relativity is that from the perspective of an outside observer, time slows down for objects moving at high speeds. We can illustrate this unusual effect by imagining an astronaut, holding a clock, flying by us at 99.5% the speed of light. If we could somehow see the numbers on the astronaut’s clock, we would find that (from our perspective) his clock was ticking extremely slowly. In fact, a clock in our hands would tick ten seconds for every second the astronaut’s clock ticked. To the astronaut, his clock would seem to be running at a normal rate.”

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