Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

For those of you who don't know me very well, here are the "25 Random Things About Me":

1. I can do a Rubik’s cube as of last week. My brother taught me the various sequences.
2. I make my own beaded necklaces
3. I think that most guys look silly in flip-flops
4. I think argyle sweaters are really sweet lookin’
5. Mechanical pencils are my favorite
6. I am a pianist/violinist, but secretly adore percussion. Arguably, piano is a percussion instrument, but you know what I mean.
7. I am a huge fan of dark chocolate, Belgian truffles
8. My brother Phillip is also my best friend
9. I am currently working on a novel
10. I edit a music e-magazine with a long, Italian name
11. I could spend hours browsing foreign cookbooks
12. My favorite store is T.J. Maxx
13. I love atypical, eccentric, non-conformist people
14. I enjoy most literature, especially philosophy combined with storytelling, satires, conspiracy theories, fantasy, Victorian-era classics, and thrillers
15. I drink a lot of tea, and gourmet coffee on occasion
16. I like decorative lamps, especially lava lamps
17. My favorite color is emerald green
18. I love British word-spellings
19. Australian and New Zealand accents are my favorite
20. I still read the original Winnie the Pooh stories because they make me laugh
21. I knit, and my brother recently bought 42 pairs of knitting needles for me
22. I watch economics lectures
23. The cello is my favorite instrument
24. I love fleece throws
25. People who can be awkward and self-confident at the same time are my heroes


  1. Wow, you sound a lot like me (a true non-conformist)...what kind of novel are you writing?

    Btw, I found this by means of your sister's blog, which I know about since an older sister told me about it...

  2. Nice!!! I'm also a pianist, love percussion, love chai-lattes, think cello is the most awesome-sounding instrument, and am writing a novel (I'd also like to know what your story is about). Can't do a Rubik cube, tho'. :-( As to being a 'non-conformist'- bwahahaha!! I'm on the dangerous side of that (me 'n' Tahlia... the girl who just posted... we're partners in our insanity) I look forward to reading your blog!

  3. I can say ditto to about 50% of that. I started writing comments on all of them, and then realized it would just look like this.


    "Cool, me too!"

    "Yeah, totally agree!"


    So I'm just going with ditto times 12 and 1/2. :)

  4. Thanks, novel is, like me, classless. It's a bit of a thriller, or rather, that's the closest thing to which it could be compared.

  5. A definite non-conformist list! I've got to say that tea, British-spelt words, EXTRA dark-chocolate, emerald green and lava lamps are things I love too though!
    YES, I think Most guys look absolutley Ridiculous in flip-flops!
    It was neat reading your list!