Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ted Dekker

He grew up as a missionary kid in Indonesia, among cannibals. Death was a part of life, a reality.

He now writes fiction that is far from normal. He has authored some of the best thrillers ever written. How would one describe his work? Suspenseful, horrific, dark, and a journey of the mind. At the same time, charming, absurdly humorous, and beautiful. Always a little bit outside this reality, and definitely a bit like a freefall. Add the words redemption and radical love to the mix, and you have almost defined it. His ability to describe both beauty and pain, his ability to make one laugh out loud, the spontaneity of his ideas – the combination make him perhaps the best fiction author I have ever read.

If you haven’t read any of his stuff, here are some recommendations with my mini-reviews.

The circle trilogy: Black, Red, White

Dual realities, each of them equally compelling, keep the mind fully engaged. Some violence, plenty of suspense, wonderfully constructed plot, absurdly humorous, vivid and compelling. Never a break in speed. Battles, assassinations, and beauty – all of it woven seamlessly together with redemption.


Set between holocaust and the present, this is a battle between good and evil, and the story of a man’s obsession. Somewhat violent, always captivating, definitely desperate, sometimes hilarious, often heartrending, and ultimately satisfying.


You’ll want to stay up all night for this one. Complex, brilliantly crafted, compulsively readable.

This is a book and a movie, and I can recommend both. The movie closely mirrors the book. A gripping battle between good and evil, with twists that will surprise.

The Lost Books Series

This one is somewhat closer to the teenage/young adult genre. It’s the story of four teenagers who are appointed a task they don’t fully understand. Battles, good and evil, the mind, the heart – a striking combination. This book is also a collision of realities.

To anyone who might like something a bit more in the romance genre and without too much gore:

A fast-paced read set in both California and Saudi Arabia. In short, a brilliant American with amazing capabilities helps a Saudi Arabian princess flee an impending arranged marriage. Hilarious humor, spontaneity, and complexity. Most of it isn’t all that violent.

To anyone who can deal with a lot of gore and evil, over which love ultimately triumphs:

Extremely compelling, very violent, often sad, and impossible to put down. The horrific story of an amazing battle.

Boneman’s Daughters
The story of a broken father and a hurting daughter. The story of a man possessed by hate. Very violent, weird at times. But don’t miss the point. I didn’t enjoy the story as much as I loved the point.

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  1. I've read BLINK, THREE, and SAINT. I also read the prequel (or was it sequel?) to SAINT. That was called SHOWDOWN

    I liked BLINK the best. And after that, SAINT. SHOWDOWN was just a little too weird and creepy for me.
    THREE was intriguing but it didn't make me stay up all night reading like the others.

    I am wanting to read the BLACK/RED/WHITE trilogy eventually.