Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Deadline is August 28th

If you are reading this right now, and you don’t join in the fun, go eat dirt. Just so you know.

Attention: all readers, followers, bloggers, and friends! This is the second contest ever hosted by my blog!

Be artsy! Enter creative photos and videos or photos showing your best art projects – drawings, paintings, origami, papier-mâché, weaving, knitting, murals, hats, sculptures, woodworking, graphic design, anything. [Send all entries to theamiableamy (at gmail)]

Entries will be judged on: both quality and creativity.

Who wins?
I will choose my five top favorites, and you, the readers, comment voting for your favorite! Whoever has the greatest number of votes places first, and whoever has the second greatest places second. There are only two places, but I may award some honorable mentions if I feel they are due.

Can I get any prizes?
If you receive first place you will be sent three sets (three in a set) of charming handmade cards in the color schemes you choose, plus a handwritten note of congratulations. Your entry will be posted, along with a first place caption and a link to your blog (assuming you have one).

If you receive second place, you will be sent one set of cards, in one color scheme or a mix (your choice) with a congratulatory note. Your entry will also be posted with your second place caption.

But what if I’m a guy, and I don’t want that stupid prize?
Well, you have many options:
a) Don’t enter this contest
b) Don’t win
c) If you have a blog, I will go comment on it to boost your self-esteem
d) If you know me and live nearby, I can cook you some food
e) I can just send you the congratulatory note
f) You can send me a prize
g) Go eat dirt, who needs a prize?

As with any contest I host:
Nobody is required to post about this in order to enter, and you will not receive bonus points for doing so. But if you decide to link to me out of pure nicety, I’ll love you forever!

Are there regulations?
You may enter 1 photo or fewer. If you enter more than one photo, you will be disqualified.

You may vote for yourself, but obviously not multiple times. And nobody is allowed to accuse others of voting dishonestly.

Can I link to it and get all my friends to vote for me?
Absolutely, I don’t care.

Is there any sort of recognition for the worst photo?
If someone enters a really wretched photo, I might post it. There won’t be any prize, but I figure my readers probably like to laugh as much as I do.

Is there any good winning strategy I should know?
Just make sure your photo or project is much muchier than the others.

Many thanks to all participants!!


  1. Knitting??? I can enter my knitting? Wow!!! :D

    Though I already have kazillions of cards... who cares, sounds fun to enter. :D

    I'm going to tell my brother (photomanipulation artist) about this too. :)

    BTW, I used to know your sister Bonnie. Do either of you use Google Buzz? I'd love to follow you (and be followed by you) if either of you use Buzz too! :)

  2. What about a photo that I've turned into art? Cause I'm a photographer and that IS my art! ;)

  3. All photos can be entered. It's photos (as in, photos as an art in themselves) or photos OF art (displaying the art, not necessarily the photo). Make sense? ;)

  4. sure does, thanks! I'll enter later today! :)