Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On the Saturday of Ashley's stay, we visited The Kingwood Center. It includes a massive old mansion, much of which can be toured, and acres of flower gardens and green houses.

A closeup of a flower with raindrops:

Some kind of ornamental cabbage??

Ashley and me in the cactus greenhouse.

Looking toward the entrance:

Cactus in an awesome pot:

A decorative fire hydrant

We happened upon a wedding party, taking pictures. I zoomed in and got one from a discreet distance. :)

A lovely peacock that was roaming the grounds:

A fountain, obviously:

A lily pond:

A delightful daisy:

Stone staircases:

An apple tree growing over a wall:

Teapot and cups growing plants:

A view of part of the mansion, an arch overgrown with ivy:
A stone lion overlooks a fountain:

The jungle-like environment of the greenhouse:

One of my favourite trees:

A rather fun plant:


  1. Very, very nice. :) Did I mention that I had a total blast?

  2. LOOK like FUN...I LUV CONVERSE!!!!
    I really like the Yelow ones. YAH, converse... :P

  3. Awesome pics! I esp. LOVE the white daisy. We used to have them at our old house, I miss them! Thanks for cheering up my evening! :)

  4. Wow, it's beautiful there!! I love all the flowers and foliage. So pretty...
    I want to go there someday ;)
    It looks like you all had fun!!
    Hey, what kind of camera do you have?

  5. I have a Kodak Easyshare Z812IS. Because I name inanimate objects, I call him Charles. He has 8.1 megapixel and 12x zoom. I'm rather fond of him.

  6. Parts of that garden look like something I imagined in a story I wrote when I was younger-one with peacocks and fountains and handmaidens with silk scarves and the like.

    I really, really, really like that Charlie Brown Quote. I think you should turn it into a button. Awesome Blog!